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Social Media Marketing

Reach New Customers

Connect with Customers

Expand Business Brand

Promote Website Content

Reach Your Customer Base

Having a website isn’t enough. Reaching your customer base through Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media outlets is a must for all small businesses

Website SEM

A website is the face of a small business. Every aspect of a small business website needs to be optimized for the search engines.


A small business website needs to function across all platforms including mobile phones and tablets to keep up with the latest technology.

Get More With SEO based Web Design

Quit Wasting Money on Old Media that is Dying

The old methods of media advertising like Yellowpages, Print Ads, TV and Radio advertising are increasingly expensive and not providing the return on investment. People, your clients, have changed the way that advertising effects and how they find the products and services they want. Internet marketing has begun to become the most important part of a businesses advertising budget.

Big companies like Coca Cola and Nike spend nearly a quarter of their marketing budget online. With Yellow Pages usage down 75% in the last ten years, your customers are now searching for your business on the internet. But are your potential clients able to find you? A typically small business website lacks the SEO to be found in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Don’t be left behind. Call us at 770-744-3445 to learn more about how your business can reach more people.

Search Engine Marketing For The Small Business

With 150 million internet users and 127 million actively using search engines to find what they are looking for, it is important to get your businesses website updated, redesigned, built, or rebuilt using proven SEO and SEM methods to get your website ranked high. Maddox Design Consultants has hundreds of websites ranking high across numerous keywords and phrases. Our methods are proven.

We tailor your website content to provide high ranking across many keywords and phrases giving your website a wider and more prominent footprint on the internet. We research for the key terms used by people to search for your type of business and imbed them into the content.

An beautifully design website is just that, beautiful. Aesthetically pleasing design does not generate traffic, leads, or new clients. It is the unseen techniques and methods of SEO that make a website profit producing.

Your Small Business Website Can Be Profitable

Simply having a website doesn’t make it profit generating. Most business owners worry too much about aesthetics and simple descriptions of services or products offered. Your businesses website should be viewed as a marketing tool that brings in business, new customers and profit. An SEO driven website reaches more people, brings in new customers, and generates profit for your business.