Fundamentals of Atlanta SEO Website Design and Building

Your website is like an automobile. You may own a Ferrari 458 Italia, Corvette ZR1, or even a Shelby Cobra. It can glisten in the sunlight with an immaculately cared for paint job. The interior can be flawless. But if the car doesn’t run, it can’t function at its basic level of purpose.

The same can be said about your website. It can be the best looking compared to all of your competitors, you can have the most desired domain name, or have the largest site but if it fails to promote your business to the largest possible audience and bring in new customers, then your website fails to accomplish its purpose.

Atlanta Small Business Websites Built With Foundation of SEO Principles

Businesses that enhance their customer base through marketing and advertising need to embrace and understand SEO. Search Engine Optimization is ever growing and offers no guarantees, but those who possess and harness the strategy will have the great opportunity for long term success across the net when done properly.

Fresh, Relevant, and Original Content is the foundation of solid SEO basics. Search engines rank this type of content higher because it provides those searching the information they seek. Becoming an authority on the web about roofing issues gives weight to the content converting searchers into customers.

Maximize Title Tags and Descriptions with Keywords and phrases. Focus on three to four phrases can stick with them through the site. These should be phrases that your potential customers use in the search engines.

Invest in a SEO founded Website. Website domains with the main keywords embedded are a great way to get higher ranking. Adding the original content with targeted title tags, descriptions, and keyword phrase will establish a strong and purposeful foundation for an effective SEO website.

This is just the beginning of effectively marketing your business across the web. Maddox Design has been helping roofing contractors across the country reach more customers. To learn more or to begin optimizing your website, contact us at 770-744-3445.

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