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SEO Tips for Plumber, Roofer, HVAC, Real Estate Agents, Electricians, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, and Contractor Websites

1. Use Location with Keywords

Take your business to the local level by combining keywords with metropolitan, city, town, or county location. This will attract local web searcher trying to find your trade or service.

2. Use Location in Meta Tags

Meta tags are extremely important to search engines. It is a must to have your location or target area listed within the meta tag.

3. Use Location in Body of Page Content

The correct density of keywords combined with location or target area within the body of text is the most important SEO tips for all small business websites. This is the best way to improve your rankings in the search engines.

4. List Your Business in Google Places and Yahoo Local

It is free to list and provides the search engines with a location for your business. Great aid in search engine rankings.

MDC Builds Search Engine Rankings for Small Businesses

MDC Builds Search Engine Rankings for Small Businesses

5. Anchor Text Backlinks with Location

As with keywords, meta tags and content, adding the location will strengthen the quality of the link and ranking potential

6. Locally Focused Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC campaigns area great way to target specific areas or locations for your plumbing, heating and air, roofing, or small business website. A well managed PPC campaign is affordable and profitable.

7. Social Media Traffic Boost

Social Media Outlets like Twitter and Facebook can provide advertising with no cost. Keeping in touch with clients using these outlets can generate leads and new customers without paying a dime.

8. Create Micro Sites or Separate Pages for Different Locations

Small micro websites with keyword based domain names or separate location focused pages can widen your web presence and reach more potential clients. The purpose is to make it easier for web searchers to find you and your business.

We here at Maddox Design Consultants can help implement these strategies as well as create a focused internet marketing plan that meets the specific needs of your small business. Call us today to set up an appointment today.

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